There are a few New Zealand Murder Mystery books out there. From the delightful books of Ngaio Marsh to more recent authors such as Wanda Symon or Paul Cleave. There’s now a new author on the scene, with her first book now out.

The Body at Back Beach a New Zealand Murder Mystery, shown on an e-reader with a cup of black coffee next to it lying on an orange piece of cloth at the bottom and blood splatters on the boards on which it sits. Perhaps there was really a murder here.

Murder Mystery from New Zealand

The Body at Back Beach is set in Port Chalmers, a small town near Dunedin in Otago. It’s not the kind of place that you’d expect a body to turn up. But that’s what happens here. Helena Statham can’t believe it when she stumbles across a skeleton. It’s not long before she becomes drawn into discovering who is behind the murder.

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